Raise it! Don’t Replace it!

Mudjacking has been around since the early 1900’s. Mudjacking, also known as Concrete Raising, Concrete Leveling or Slab Jacking, is a process of raising and leveling sunken concrete such as walks, driveways, garage floors, garage aprons, porches, patios, steps, and filling voids, etc. Most concrete in good condition can be raised and leveled. Our procedure involves drilling a series of one-inch diameter holes as necessary in the sunken concrete. Then we hydraulically pump a pre-measured slurry into the holes. The slurry we inject into the holes will fill any voids and raises the concrete while adding support and stability to the concrete. Once raised, holes are patched.

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• Sunken concrete won’t fix itself.

•Eliminating Tripping Hazards is less than the cost of a lawsuit.

•Enhancing the curb appeal while maintaining the equity of your investment.

Concrete settles due to the underlying subsoil settling or being undermined.
The soils in our area are continuously expanding and contracting due to changing temperatures, weather and environmental condition, which over a period of time can cause concrete to settle and sink.

Loose dirt can take years to reach compaction and stop settling. Neither raising nor replacing will prevent loose subsoils from continuing to settle.

It is important to stop water from getting under concrete slabs. Roof drainage is one of the most common issues. Improper water drainage can lead to erosion, frost heaves and further settling that can damage your concrete. The only concrete that should have running water underneath it, is a “bridge”.

Other factors include the underlying subsoil settling, damage from tree roots, or animals digging underneath existing concrete.

Voids under concrete due to settling, erosion or animals can also be filled and the concrete re-supported to ensure the integrity and life span of the concrete. One cubic foot of concrete weighs 150 pounds, a 10’x10’x4″ section of driveway weighs about 4,500 Pounds. You want a heavy, strong, stable underlayment to withhold the weight of your concrete slab. Unsupported concrete will break under it’s own weight.

We drill a one-inch hole for our slurry that makes the patches less noticeable.

The slurry we inject, thoroughly fills any cavities or voids evenly from the injection holes to properly fill and support your concrete. Other methods may react too quickly and may not fill voids completely.

Check out our How It Works page for our step by step process for a better understanding of mudjacking

Raising levels does not eliminate surface cracks.

It is recommended that surface cracks be joint sealed after raising with a proper joint sealing method.

Raising concrete costs less than replacing concrete.

The cost of a job depends on the difficulty, access to the area and the amount of material needed to complete the job.

Mudjacking will not hurt the area around the concrete, our products are natural and environmentally friendly.

Our seasons normally run from April to October; depending on weather and temperature. We are open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.